• Matching Grant Agreement between the Rotary Club of El Rimac, The Partners, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
  • Total Contribution of $63040.oo provided 574 Bios and Water Filters for the Lurigancho Chosica community on the eastern side of Lima, Peru.
  • Improved health for children & families through a sustainable solution.
OBJECTIVE: improve quality of life for thousands of people (mostly children) living alongside the Lima, Lurigancho/Chosica ‘Rimac” river, where 5,000 BSF, Bio Sand water Filters are urgently needed.
Project Location: Lurigancho/Chosica Districts
-5,000 filters for river Rimac’s bank


  • Polluted water stored in wells, 30 ft from river, after being drained underground to homes.
  • Inland communities buy water brought in by trucks from same river.
  • Water stored w/bacteria, parasites, worms, frogs, and strange bugs.
  • BSF now filters water at homes and is used for cleaning, cooking and other domestic chores.
  • Result cleaner water, less children deceases and better quality of life for entire communities.
Filter project complemented with training, in health and hygiene basic usage and filters maintenance. • Training in hygiene habits: washing hands, personal care, showering, clothes washing, have clean house. Special care handling waste, keep pigs and animals out of the kitchen, or the house. • Field and lab results show reduction of 99.9 % Fecal Coliforms, Protozoids and Helmintos. Cleaner water and less children diarrheas.