Supporting the Homeless in our Community
Mar 25, 2019 12:00 PM
Mike Campigotto
Supporting the Homeless in our Community

Mike Campigotto will be talking about homelessness in our community and how individuals, businesses and organizations can help.

He will highlight Paul Tavares and his 90 Days & Nights in the Cold tour. Paul will be camped out in North Bay March 8th to the 17th (123 Main Street). Paul’s 13 city tour is meant to raise awareness and donations to support the homeless in our community. Donations will go to the North Bay Warming Centre, Crisis Centre North Bay, Salvation Army North Bay in support their critical work in support those in need in our community.

How you can support North Bay: Clothing or non-perishable food items or backpacks, tarps, jackets, pillows, blankets, tents, flashlights, sunscreen, water. ball caps, winter hats, boots, shoes, socks. Donation of all types can be dropped off at the Nipissing Mental Health Housing & Support at 222 Main St E. How you can give financially - online via GoFundMe - or Facebook Fund