The Camp Tillicum Board launched the renewal project at the North Bay YMCA today, highlighting the plans for a new facility, sponsorship opportunities and our strong partnership with the local Y.
On hand to assist Board President Spencer Merritt with unveiling the conceptual drawing for the new facility was George Flumerfelt, President and CEO of the Redpath Mining Group, whose company has made an very generous gift to launch the fundraising effort.
Rotary club President Natalie MacDougall, commented that "over the years, the Rotary Club of North Bay has invested over $100,000 into improvements and maintenance to Camp Tillicum and is committed to raising $200K over the next five years towards this project." 
"Donations received through this campaign will help Rotary to continue providing enriching life experiences for children, in their most vital years of development", added Natalie. 
Today, the mission of Camp Tillicum is to operate a not-for-profit camp for hundreds of boys and girls in an area that fosters healthful recreation. Through our partnership with the YMCA we have been able to introduce the camp experience to numerous children. Many of these children wouldn't have had the opportunity to take part in a summer camp if not for Tillicum, due to financial constraints. In order to ensure that Camp Tillicum continues to serve as a key resource for youth, the Camp Tillicum Board of Directors recognizes that the property itself must be renovated and revitalize.