May 15, 2023 - Media Release courtesy of the NBRHCF
(North Bay) – With their $25,000 donation, The Rotary Club of North Bay is helping to purchase a specialized retinal camera for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for ROP Screening.
Bob Cunningham, Rotarian, Chantal Gagne, Director, Medical & Surgical Programs at NBRHC, Tammy Morison, President & CEO North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation and Grace Doiron, President, Rotary Club of North Bay
ROP stands for ‘retinopathy of prematurity’ and is a potentially blinding eye disorder that can affect premature infants. Traditionally performed manually by an ophthalmologist, new retinal camera technology allows clinicians to perform the retinal exam, capturing digital images. The images of the infant’s retina can then be examined virtually by an ophthalmologist for signs of ROP.
“We are grateful to the Rotary Club. With their donation we are half way to our goal of funding this specialized equipment and having it available at NBRHC,” says Chantal Gagne, Director Medical & Surgical Programs at NBRHC. “It will ensure that ROP screening is not a barrier to the repatriation of premature babies who are receiving care at tertiary hospitals. We are always focused on providing care closest to home, keeping families together during these stressful life events.”
The camera is estimated to cost more than $150,000.00.
“Our Rotary Club is pleased to contribute towards the purchase of this vital piece of equipment” stated Grace Doiron, club president. “The club is celebrating 100 years of service in the city as of May 17th and much of its focus continues to be on helping children and youth with critical and special needs.”
Medical equipment purchases are made possible through a partnership between the government, hospital, and our community. Businesses, individuals, families and groups support our hospital in a variety of ways throughout the year, including monthly and memorial donations, gifts in Wills, corporate sponsorships. Donations are actively working to enhance healthcare for patients, close to home.
The Rotary Club of North Bay is helping enhance the care and experience of premature babies and their families in our region.
For more information visit the North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation