The project partnership between ShelterBox and Rotary International (RI) provides a way to collaborate and combine resources to promote emergency disaster relief worldwide by assisting disaster survivors during the critical period immediately following a disaster. 
ShelterBox has launched a new fundraising campaign called "Stock the Box" for the month of November - as another means of preparing for disasters every day - with stocks and supplies ready to go in order to get aid to families as quickly as possible after disaster.

So far in 2020 ShelterBox has supported nearly 100,000 people and responded in Burkina Faso, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Paraguay, the Philippines, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, India, and Vanuatu.

The ShelterBox Committee of the Rotary Club of North Bay has launched a virtual "Stock The Box" Campaign that is running until the end of December
You can help out for as little as $12.00 or as much as $1,200.00 with a wide variety of items to be placed in a ShelterBox container!

The club's goal is to raise the equivalent of $1,200.00 - one complete Shelter Box kit.


Help ShelterBox bring lifesaving aid to families affected by disasters.

2016-2017 -  The Rotary Club of North Bay was successful in obtaining a District (matching) Grant for the ShelterBox Program – in other words, the club's Board-approved $2,000.00 is now $4,000.00!!  That means our Club can make a larger donation of aid to ShelterBox Canada (approximately 3 ShelterBoxes and some supplementary donations of equipment) this Rotary Year.
The Rotary Club of North Bay serves as Rotary International District 7010
ShelterBox Ambassador.
To contact the Club Ambassador and ShelterBox Committee Chair - email:
Visit the ShelterBox display during YMCA of North Bay Peace Week, held in November each year.