All the funds raised each year stay in the local community and go towards supporting local children and youth with special needs, largely through Rotary’s partnership with One Kids Place Children's Treatment Centre (OKP) and NADY (Nipissing Association for Disabled Youth). The allocation of the funds is carried out by the Rotary club's Children's Committee.




Previous Rotary4Kids Ambassadors...

Ambassador Gage Colnar - 2019
Ambassador Jaylyne - 2018
Ambassador Summer Morison - 2017

Ambassador Ethan Dokis - 2016

Ambassador Dylan Rivenbark - 2015

Twin Ambassadors Domonique and Issac Dubie - 2014

Ambassador Jude Krause - 2013


1st Ambassador Dillion Anderson - 2012




March 29, 2019                                                                               
NORTH BAY – This year’s Rotary4Kids” radio-a-thon raised over $70,400 and counting, with pledges continuing to come in after the show wrapped up at 10:00 a.m. today at Burger World on Hammond.
KiSS 100.5 Morning show host Kevin Oschefski was on the air for 29 hours raising money for Rotary4Kids all in support of area children and youth with special needs
This was the 17th year the Rotary Club of North Bay has organized the radio-a-thon in partnership with the Nipissing Association for Disabled Youth (NADY) and the invaluable support of Canadian Tire North Bay and Burger World.
Rotary4Kids Chair Jeff Rogerson commented that “The continued success of this fundraiser would not be possible without the incredibly generous support of the sponsors and donors – individuals and families, and so many local organizations and businesses, both large and small – many of whom have been with us from day one”.
Steve Wright, Club President, added “We truly appreciate the strong partnership our club enjoys with NADY and KiSS. Their participation is key, in this our largest fundraising event, each year.”
Pledges can still to be made online at or throughout the year.
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